About us

Lerato is a servant of God, a mother of two young adult children, and an influencer in the marketplace. In 2014, tasked with nothing but a divine mandate, she started the organization from humble beginnings with just 12 girls, and transcended in to having hundreds from across South Africa who have now successfully completed the programme. Lerato lives by her belief that “women don't just build businesses, they build nations”.

31,2% of South African 16–24 year olds are not in education, employment or training (NEET) because adverse circumstances or lack of opportunity mean they are unable to attend school or attain the education and skills they need to find success in life. Many are denied the chance to get the best education through barriers such as poverty, disadvantage, economic mobility and unequal access. Even when children and the youth do go to school, they are not receiving the education standards they need. The exceedingly high number is of grave concern, both nationally as well as internationally.

At Girlignite, we believe that dynamic partnerships are critical to solving complex AFRICAN challenges. Our partners - from corporations to foundations to entrepreneurs - are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities in the developing world, while enhancing business and development goals.

With your help, thousands of people will experience the life-changing power of Girlignite Africa Academy, a place where young people have fun, make friends and develop the skills and attitudes to transform themselves, their community and our world. Support Girlignite by offering your company's products or services for free or at a lower cost. As a organization we have an array of needs and you could facilitate our work and allow us to do what we do even better.


Building and nourishing relationships through Christ

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